Who We Are

This effort was started at the suggestion of Russ Housley, Stephen Farrell, and Jari Arkko of the IETF, to meet the assurance needs of supporting IETF protocols in an open and transparent manner.

But this is not an IETF, ISOC, ... project. As the saying goes, we work for the Internet.

Tech Core

Fredrik Thulin
Jakob Schlyter
Joachim Strömbergson
Leif Johansson
Linus Nordberg
Lucy Lynch
Patrik Wallström
Павел Шатов (Pavel Shatov)
Peter Stuge
Randy Bush
Rob Austein
Steven Bellovin
Basil Dolmatov


Russ Housley
Sean Turner
Stephen Farrell


Leif Johansson - Administration
Randy Bush - Technical
Russ Housley / Lynn StAmour - Finding Funding

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